The Young Filmmakers

The home video camera is more than just a tool for recording life's triumphs and sorrows. It is the gateway into visual storytelling. JUst as writer's must learn to write, filmmakers must learn to tell compelling visual stories. Furthermore, parents that own video cameras find their kids using these cameras for projects like sports videos, storytelling and school media projects.

Looking at most home videos, one will see mistakes and distracting flaws that could have been easily corrected with a little knowledge and technique. Yet, few kids have access to learn professional techniques. To add to this, there does not currently exist a general resource for kids to learn videography and Hollywood style moviemaking. All the while it is every parent's ambition to see their child's creativity and interest springboard into a potential career such as the film arts.

Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas all got their start creating small movies. Film students use this format as practice and to create the calling cards for employment in the industry. Here, even the basic studies are left to collegiate and post collegiate instruction. It seemed as though kids will just have to wait until they are older to get professional instruction.

"THE YOUNG FILMMAKERS is a series of educational videos targeted to kids which seeks to address this underrepresented and untapped market and audience. The video series sparks the interest and imagination of kids by teaching them the fundamental principles of the digital video camera. Covering topics from selecting a camera, operating the camera, framing and using camera movement, the video covers what every young filmmaker should know about the camera.

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